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• 7/7/2018

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• 2/14/2016

le boss rush 1

it's a normal day outside.
3 orbs somewhere, for those who joined.
on days like these, players like you..

screen flash like sans


1: limit attacks and stuff to 2
2: don't be op
3: you start with 100 hp
4: bosses have 1000 hp (final boss has 120000 hp)
5: you will create a weapon of your element (no op things or it will not be made
6: ingame shop exists ok. the shop's name is blastr's items co. shop
7: ORBS? ok. it has some rare items, if you are lucky you will get companion
8: you can't summon items unless you have the permission
9: there will be 3 bosses in each side
boss 1: mewtwo (credits to pokemon blablabla)
boss 2: annoying dog
boss 3: rubrub/robtop
11: last boss standing will win
12: level up from killing enemies, get gold from killing enemies too.
13: standard forum rules apply haha.


null side

some knives
magic wand
3 orbs of blastrmination

mewtwo's side


annoying dog's side

annoying dogs

rubrub/robtop's side

robtop's mods

blastr's items co. shop:

crossbow (ranged weapon) (30 G)
bones (magic item) (10 G)
mcchicken (food) (5 G)
worn dagger (melee weapon) (20 G)
heart locket (equipment) (20 G)
determination (fills you with determination) (40 G)


2 froggits (undertale) (30/30 HP)
4 jelly cubes (spiral knights) (50/50 HP)
3 pikachu (pokemon) (20/20 HP)
1 dragon (100/100 HP)
3 robots (projected by me, blastr.) (200/200 HP)
riot (geometry dash) (500/500 HP)
2 yoshi (super mario) (20/20 HP)
5 koopas (super mario) (50/50 HP)
muffet (undertale) (100/100 HP)
mettaton (undertale) (he's from metal, maybe if you can turn him around...)
papyrus (undertale) (300/300 HP)
2 evil bass knights (boom kitty's music gone wrong) (200/200 HP each)
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• 2/14/2016

help and managements co.

we need help
we need chat mods and stuff
because it's very very very very new

puts a help wanted sign next to the help and managements co. stand
here you will get chat mod cards
be quick cuz they are limited
also for admin cards....meh.
ask cerbinary/subspaceneon/lost cuz he founded the wiki
i think i am the only admin here (except solonoid i think)
p.s. here is a temmie wanting you to keep this wikia clear from bad buddies
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• 1/30/2016

"TPAM" Game.

Simply describe something about the person above you.
"TPAM is cool"
"TPAM is true"
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